Post Malone’s Voodoo Festival Performance

POSTY POSTY POSTY… The chants of the crowd kept on for minutes as Voodoo Festival goers awaited Post Malone’s set in City Park, New Orleans. Everyone from college students, high school kids, and married couples ran forward to greet Posty and get close to the action on stage. The crowd of friends who had been attending this three-day festival were chanting as the clock turned 7:30 pm.

Phones raised up to greet Post Malone taking the stage in fiery red plaid pants, a slew of face tats, and an accompaniment by flashing lights and fireworks. The crowds came to see a rockstar and Post did not disappoint. His hit songs were many and he started his set with the song “Wow.” The bass rocked the little swampy festival and the people in the crowd were up and moving or video taping the moment because it was so unforgettable. 

Posty, in the tried and true rockstar fashion, admitted while on stage that he had just got done playing beer pong. He requested that everyone sing as loud as they could to help him with remembering the lyrics to his acoustic set — it was heartfelt, especially after he had finished chugging whatever was in his blue plastic cup.

I, as your friendly GHQ reporter, found myself choking up to the sincerity in Post’s songs he sang. Post knew how to groove and the crowd followed; strangers were moving together to his beat. Post hit high highs and sentimental lows in his set; he reminded me of the band the Eagles a bit. His rock rocked, practically setting the stage on fire, but when Post wanted to talk about something like the love his fans give him or if he wanted to sing about it, then he laid down easy listening with a peaceful feel.

Post Malone will continue his tour in the USA until Nov 21, with stops in California, Texas, Colorado, Arizona, and Utah.