Afro Roots Festival Giveaway

GHQ has your chance to experience a wonderful workshop at The Afro Roots Fest. You will be able to participate in either a song, dance, lecture, or drum workshop Friday, April 7th from 12 to 7 PM.

Afro Roots Fest has historically celebrated the widespread influence that Africa continues to have on music, and furthers the mission of Community Arts and Culture, which is to foster an appreciation of the arts and culture through education.

Workshops and lectures include “Songs in Lukumi for Eleggua and Yemaya”, Afro-Cuban Dance classes like Rumba and Orisa for Yemaya, an all-levels percussion class that focus on guiro and bembe, a lecture about the sacred Bata, and an all-cast artist panel with a Q&A.

Register on the GHQ App for your chance to win!

More information about the event can be found at Afro Roots Fest.