Enjoy SwampCon this year on March 2nd and 3rd at the Reitz Union! Hosted by the UF Anime Club for over a decade, this event celebrates Japanese culture in many forms: cosplay, performance, art, etc. GHQ will be there, so be sure to stop by and say hi!

Exciting Addition: The lovely individuals who created our podcast, GHQuest, will have a panel at SwampCon! You can find them on Sunday, March 3rd, at 5 pm EST. To give GHQuest a listen, follow this link: https://p.ftur.io/ghq/1220

Event Details: Free event. You can find the registration information on the website linked BELOW to reserve your spot. Family-friendly. March 2 · 10:30am – March 3 · 10pm EST at the Reitz Student Union on UF campus.

Check out SwampCon’s website for more event info: http://www.swampcon.org/about/