Brittany Lewis

Brittany Lewis was born and raised in Long Island, New York where she spent almost every weekend exploring her beloved New York City. As a city girl, she has big plans to return back to NYC after graduation and work for a top record label like Sony Music. At GHQ, Brittany already feels at home and can't wait to gain more experience in the music industry. You can usually always find Brittany bopping her head to a song she can't stop listening to, or at a concert (and waiting hours to meet the artist afterwards).

1 Night with Dominic Fike: Concert Review

Dominic Fike at the Orpheum Tampa 9/12

Several UF students remember a time when Dominic Fike was just the cool kid in high school. They grew up with him in Naples and watched his spot in the Florida Soundcloud scene explode into a $4 million deal with Columbia Records. Last semester GHQ chanced his track 3 Nights …

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