Roly Ortega

Roly is from Hialeah, Fla. (nearby Miami) and came to GHQ because he loves and obsesses everything about radio. He just loves talking on-air and helping students' day go by a little more bearable with some great music. Roly really wants to become a radio broadcaster and just have fun every day doing it. Radio is really his therapy and is why he loves being a part of GHQ every day. Connect with him on social media to get the Gator Nation talking!

‘Totally’: Good Burger is coming to LA

Welcome to the Good Burger. Home of the Good Burger. May I take your order? Those famous words are soon becoming a reality, at least for a limited time. Nickelodeon has announced a real-life Good Burger restaurant pop-up in Los Angeles. The same people who gave us that Saved By The …

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Justin Bieber and Tom Cruise fight is a no-go, obviously

Remember that story involving Justin Bieber trying to challenge Tom Cruise to a UFC fight? Well, apparently, he was just kidding around. TMZ’s cameras caught the Biebs outside of his wife’s office to ask him and he said “I don’t know him. He’s tight. The story is I saw an …

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