Campus Upgrades For Fall

The University of Florida campus is going to look a lot different in the Fall. Starting in August of 2021, UF will begin two picturesque projects from the Landscape Master Plan that will enhance UF’s outdoor spaces and create a more pedestrian-centered campus. In an effort to make campus more sustainable and safer, UF will begin its first steps in transforming the core of campus into an auto-free zone.

The Northeast Gateway at 2nd Avenue will center as a major connection to the Innovation District of downtown Gainesville. The creation of the Northeast Court will help expand the expand the impact of campus, welcoming visitors, and orienting guests to the parking facilities.

The Newell Gateway proposes UF will start restricting the use of motorized vehicles with the campus core, uniting the Plaza of the Americas and the Reitz Union Lawn with a curb less, brick-paved walkway that will replace the current roadways on campus now. UF will also eliminate some scooter and vehicle parking within the new auto-free core of campus, to help offset the construction traffic.

To find out more information about UF’s two gateway projects, read more here.